Sunday, 30 March 2008

Prague Adventure

The last few weeks have bought times of exciting developments and adventure, as well as some times of reflection and relaxation. It has been a good break but I just don't want to go back to work tomorrow!
I've visited my first 'new' country on a break in Prague in the Czech Republic. It was amazing! Beautiful, inspiring and unique - it is a city I would recommend anyone visit. Awesome architecture at every turn, fantastic places to eat and drink and cheap, easy-to-use public transport. The beer was particularly good (although not very friendly to the waistline!). It is the perfect place for a holiday.
It was incredibly cold, but that was a good excuse to hide in some lovely bars and cafe's. Unfortunately, Moira had her purse stolen on the first day which was annoying to say the least, but it did mean I got to visit a Czech Police station and meet the particularly hunky interpreter who worked there! The guidebooks had warned us that in general service could be quite abrupt (as a distant attitude is seen as more professional) but the staff at our hotel were downright rude.
However, it says a lot about the magic of Prague that none of this dampened the excitement of the experience at all. Best of all was the feeling of being somewhere new, somewhere alien to my previous experience. The travel bug has bitten me hard and only fired up my urge to see more of the world.

My photos can be seen on my flickr here. I recommend you view them as a slideshow - if you can be bothered :0)

On my return (as well as a lovely clean house - thanks to my Mum) I found my provisional driving license had arrived in the post. Hooray! Been looking at Driving Schools and hope to book my first lessons for the week after next as I have a horribly busy week back at college when I return. Bit nervous but can't wait.

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Jimmy said...

We need more regular updates on this here blog malarkey madam - don't you realise that the whole point of a blog is to bore others to death with your mundane stories? Yours is far too interesting. Now go write things!