Sunday, 16 March 2008

Getting Better

Thanks to everyone wishing so hard (and my clever Doctor's diagnosis) I am now almost all better. I still have 3 days of anti-biotics
to go but throat is not painful anymore and I am eating big-girls'
grown up dinners now. I never thought I would be sick of the sight of
ice-cream but I well and truly am. Still have some pretty strange
shooting pains going up my face every now and then but I have decided
to take the highly scientific approach of pretending they aren't there
in the hope that they will go away. Moira is still pretty poorly, but is as determined as I to get cracking with our adventure.
I have been packing and re-packing (each time I change my mind about outfits and shoes) for Prague and getting very excited. Just cannot wait to get there now! The weather is predicted to be around 4 degrees Celsius with snow showers on one of the days we are to be there so I am wrapping up very, very well. Expect many a photograph of me with my glamorous ear muffs and 300 scarves on when I return :0)

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