Saturday, 18 October 2008

Big Update!

Well it has been a hectic few months, so quite a bit of news to tell!

Driving lessons are going really well - enjoy them (most of the time) and have almost mastered clutch control, turn in the road (3 point term as was) and roundabouts. Still quite scared of roundabouts and the really busy roads but loving the feeling at the end of every lesson - except the pain in my knees from keeping my feet in such odd positions on the pedals.
I was totally thrilled to pass my theory test first time on 4th October - first time. Still need to brush up on a lot of things though as I can't honestly say I was 100% on all of it.

Work has been manic - launching the new course has thrown some major challenges my way, including teaching in corridors and cafe bars for the first three weeks! Settling down now and the group seem like a really nice bunch of students - most of the time :0) We have just been through the horrors of an Ofsted inspection and I am just about recovered now. It went very well. although the inspectors didn't come and observe me (again - third inspection in as many institutions now that I have been neglected ;0)). Overall the college got a grade 1 - which is testament to the Directorate's ability to cover up the truth more than it is a reflection of how things really are at the place. Anyway, over for another five years now!

No more progress on the visit to another country or the Masters assignment as yet - the mania of this first half term has seen to that - along with the extreme costs of learning to drive! However, I am getting serious on the weigh loss plan, as I can see February looming large, quite literally. I am doing 20 mins a day on the exercise bike and slowly phasing in more dieting. Salads every day for lunch at college have been a big help, but the comforting winter nosh at dinner time isn't really helping the cause. I think it is soups and stews for a while for me!

Have a lovely half term planned (apart from all the work for college). Off for a break with the family to Cornwall for a few days and hopefully seeing several relatives including Pat & Ian and Tony & Jan. Shall hopefully have time to catch up with friends too and share some good times!