Friday, 13 June 2008

I am a proper grown-up (almost) author!!

After much publisher-wrangling I have finally got a copy of my first book in my sweaty little mitts! Hooray! I co-wrote this epic with Dad and Sally Jewers and am right chuffed.
Please note this pic was taken after a rather exciting celebratory champagne lunch. Sadly this was the best of the bunch. The others are even more overbearingly self-congratulatory and in some cases offensive :0)
Wish I had made getting a book published one of my challenges now. Not much progress on the other goals but stuff it - I am an author!!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Race completed!

Yay! I did the Race for Life - although I was walking :0) Great fun day and raised £100 for the very good cause of Cancer Research. Pictured from L-R are Bess, Mum, Me & Mizue (Elke and Kaishi at the front).
Still have to book my driving lessons and start my MA dissertation (although I am at least enrolled on the programme with funding now!) Time to pull my finger out!
On the plus side I've lost another 2 lbs on the new diet (despite a few cheeky beers on a Big Night Out in Leeds) so well over the first half a stone. All in the right direction!
The book has just been published too. Should be getting copies delivered this Friday - can't wait to see it. Will post pics as soon as! Feeling right giddy now :0)