Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Two weeks to go!

Just two weeks until I jet off to Sardinia for new country no. 2! Very excited but the weightloss has slowed down somewhat. Not all going off the rails, just taking my eye off the ball. Haven't put any of the weight back on - but back to the exercise bike with vigour until the holiday!

Had a great few weeks and enjoyed some good adventures with friends and family. Had a great time on Sunday when I went with Tom and some of his friends to see Radiohead play in Manchester. It was an amazing gig which tops off a really good run of The Black Keys, Stephen Malkmus and Daniel Kitson in the last few months.

I've also become a bit obsessed with badge-making due to the arrival of my new badge-making machine. The perfect antidote to my crazy work schedule at the moment. Hooray for badges!!