Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Progress so far...

Been busy since my birthday making lots of plans and being full of good intentions :0).

To date I have done the following things:

* Applied for my provisional driving license
* Booked a trip to Prague during the Easter holidays with my friend Moira (the Czech Republic being one of my 3 new countries)
* Entered myself into the Race for Life in June with my Mum. Please consider sponsoring me - you can access my online sponsorship form by clicking donate on the little gizmo on this page that says "JustGiving".
* Got my new fridge and microwave up and running - both will help me with the new and improved healthy food plan
* Completed my enrolment form for the Dissertation Top-up course that will allow me to turn my PGD into an MA (after another 15,000 words!)

A good start I guess. The exercise is kicking in a bit more slowly - it is no coincidence that the challenges that will be lots of fun (travelling and driving) have seen more progress than those that will be less enjoyable (getting off my arse and work on the dissertation).
However, I am trying to even that up a bit by organising a day out on Sunday with the fam to Ingleton Falls. I've been there before with Craig and Elke this time last year:
On that occasion Elke's little legs only managed the first mile so we are hoping to do the whole trail of 4.5 miles on Sunday. Looking forward to it!

I also have to send out a really rather enormous "Thank You" to my Auntie and Uncle, Pat and Ian, (with me in the pic) who have sent me a very generous gift that will help with my driving challenge a great deal. Love you guys x x

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