Wednesday, 6 August 2008

New country no. 2!

I have been a bit slack at updating this of late but I thought it time for a catch-up!
Sardinia was AWESOME! What a beautiful place - amazing scenery, friendly people, relaxed way of life. I loved it and can't wait to go back again some time.

The campsite we stayed in was just four minutes walk from the beach and I have to say never having had a 'beach holiday' before, that it was just wonderful! I'm all for the mediterranean practice of a siesta in the afternoon and staying up late drinking - suited me very well :0) Pictures on my flickr.
I went with friends Amy, Beth, Craig and Elke and we all had an amazing time. Good food, lots of sun and being out in the fresh air did me the world of good and I came back glowing (the November-style weather back here in Bradders hasn't helped me retain that but never mind!).

I have still to arrange trip no.3 - but I suppose I should focus on my other goals for a while. Considering an intensive driving lessons course to get me kicked off on the road - may as well use the time I have in the summer to make up for not having done any so far this year! Research is ongoing for the MA dissertation but little has actually been done. I had better get in gear as in September I am launching a new course at college and free time may be a thing of the past :0)

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