Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Driving ambition!

I have taken the plunge and booked my driving theory test! After a revision session with my friend Angela the other night we have booked our tests together for October 4th at 8 o'clock in the morning! We figure that we then have the rest of the Saturday for commiserating or celebrating that way :0) I have taken a few mock theory tests online and scored 40 / 47 the first time and 41 / 45 the second time - neither of which are actually pass scores but aren't far off! I think having the date looming will at least help spur on the revision.
I have also booked the first of the 'new' driving lessons for Friday 5th September. I've chosen to go with Angela's instructor as he came highly recommended and is apparently very patient with dithering ladies - which will be very useful for me :0)

Had a great family day party last Sunday too - was great to catch up with all the gang and had some great fun with Kate's quiz and some alternative takes on the usual cousins gangshow photo op :-)

Had great fun at the Edinburgh festival recently (although sadly Scotland isn't a new country to me!) Saw some great things including Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee, a play performed in a caravan and an all-girl a capella group. Good times! I took a shockingly small number of photos - largely due to the constant downpour - but I did get this shot of my Dad being a "rapper" on the bus to The Burgh via my appalling cameraphone. I think he has the hands down very well!

The trip to Barcelona for new country no. 3 that had been pondered on for August didn't happen in the end. However, I spent the weekend with Sally and Amanda, who I had planned to go with originally, in Birmingham - or Brumcelona as we renamed it in order to help us believe we were still on holiday! Had a wonderful time. Pictured is the gang - with cousin Annie at 8:08pm on 8/8/08. A trip to The Glee Club found us chuckling at Greg Davies but not so much at TV's Bob Mills - had a great night all the same!

The holidays may be drawing to a close and I don't have many of the things I had planned to do completed. However, I have been lucky enough to see lots of wonderful people - big hellos to Emma & Joseph, Jimmy, Nic, Brit, Sadie and Joe, Mike, Rory, Beth & Lucy, Amy, Nancy, Sam, Lee, Mizue, Kai & Meia, Craig & Elke, Moira, and all the family :0). Pics from top to bottom: Picnic in the park with Lee, Mizue, Sam, Craig and all the little folks! - Emma's son Joseph being a scary vampire - Elke with a LambBanana after visiting the Klimt exhibition at Tate Liverpool - Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, home of the [C] space pavilion project and filming location for The War Machines.

I should really be working on the bathroom - major DIY ongoing in there to change it from slightly squalid to sparklingly serene (I hope). Then I just need to recarpet the whole place and I will be getting somewhere with Project Lovely Flat! Off to work with me!

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